Nobel 2009 Speeches Online

10. December 2009

By Patricia Daukantas

Tomorrow the 2009 Nobel Prize winners will get their awards in a formal ceremony, but their Nobel lectures, delivered yesterday in Stockholm (Sweden), are now online at

Gwen M.W. Kao gave one address on behalf of her husband, Charles K. Kao, who received half this year’s physics prize for his pioneering work in optical fiber communications. If you go to page 24 of the PDF of her slides, you can see a photo of a younger Kao (he’s now 76) at an early OFC conference. (Late 1970s? The date’s not specified.) Mrs. Kao spoke of her husband’s persistence in getting other people to recognize the potential of the small glass waveguides for telecommunications.

Willard S. Boyle, one of two laureates for inventing the charge-coupled device, called the CCD “an extension of man’s vision,” and his colleague and fellow laureate, George E. Smith, reviewed the evolution of the CCD from the first crude devices to the first self-contained camera and to modern applications of the technology.

Clicking on each physics laureate’s name in this post will take you to the corresponding Nobel lecture page. From there, you can link to a video of each presentation – brought to you, of course, by the technologies that are being celebrated.

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